Our Shutters

At the Plantation Shutters.us Factory, we use only kiln dried solid wood to build our shutters. Our much appreciated and treasured craftsmen have been building shutters for over 50 years. One of our teams includes a grandfather, father, and son trio with highly coveted skills and years of experience.


Each of our shutters is custom built by shutter master craftsmen for an individual window and an individual client’s home. When you choose Plantation Shutters.us to build and install your shutters, you are dealing with a single vendor purchase which means no finger pointing from different builders, distributors, and installers. Most companies will send contract representatives to measure for a shutter, a separate company to build the shutters, and other companies or individuals to install your shutters. This approach to providing shutters to clients usually does not work out well. At Plantation Shutters.us, the person who takes all of the exact measurements for every shutter and project, who also oversees, manages, and approves each and every installation is me, Fred Magee. You have only one responsible party rather than a group of companies that could be involved in your overall buying experience and you receiving total satisfaction with your order. Plantation Shutters.us Builds, Distributes, and Installs All of Our Products.


Our first choice of wood is Poplar, a hard wood.                                      We also offer many species of antique cypress, antique heart pine, oak, tiger wood, ebony, and almost any wood you could imagine. The type of wood is the customer’s choice, although we make recommendations based on location, climate, and other considerations driven by the installation location of the finished shutter.

Our craftsmen are very capable, and in fact experts, in producing flutes, rosettes and other esthetic enhancements which are unavailable from other companies and truly enrich our products. Also, we can match any existing moldings and crown moldings presently installed in your home. Adding crown moldings to our handmade shutters is a specialty of Plantation Shutters.us, an expertise seen nowhere else in the industry.


In addition to the custom hand-crafted build, we have all the latest technology as well. This includes CNC Routers, guaranteeing each piece of the wood is cut to our exact specifications before being presented to our craftsmen to hand build and assemble each shutter into individual works of art. These Plantation Shutters.us qualities place us above other companies competing in every phase of the shutter industry: building, distribution, and installation.


We have a wide variety of options available to match the accessories you may have in your home. Examples of this would be hinges, magnets, locking devices, and of course, all the popular or custom paint colors to match trim, fabrics, and other features in your home. We also offer an unmatched inventory of standard and custom stains for all our products.


My business is a Labor of Love. Making your home more beautiful and more valuable with our products, craftsmanship, and exact installation is my favorite thing to do.

I take pleasure in creating every on-site measurement myself. This is to ensure that each window shutter is a preferred and perfect fit when placed into your home for many years to come. With over 30 years of experience in measuring, building, overseeing and performing installations myself, Plantation Shutters.us’ success is driven by my belief and my demand of my team, that each and every client is not just satisfied with our finished shutters, But Ecstatic!


Please keep in mind, our craftsmen build custom, one of a kind shutters that are not expensive, But Priceless!


Thank you very much for considering our company to make your home more beautiful and valuable.


Fred Magee, Owner