Fred Magee Measuring for his Clients

Debbie McMath in Her Home

By Pat Richard

Published in the  SOPHISTICATED WOMAN  Magazine

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Families on the Northshore live the good life, and a large part of the good life is a beautiful home.


Nothing dresses up a beautiful home more than wonderful windows with plantation shutters. Area residents and decorators have discovered plantation shutters give rooms understated elegance.


No one on the Northshore has more experience in the shutter business than Fred Magee of Mandeville. For 29 years, he has helped homeowners to beautify their space with shutters. Magee worked 20 years as a rep for two large manufacturers in Houston and Dallas. Then the Bogalusa native came back home to southeast Louisiana during the building boom of the early '90s.


Magee opened Plantation Shutters in West St. Tammany 28

years ago. "People told me plantation shutters wouldn't catch on here, "he recalls." I think I was one of the first to introduce them to builders here."


Several Northshore builders rely on Magee for their shutters. He installs about 175 windows per month, which are constructed at his manufacturing plant in El Paso, Texas. He makes all of the measurements himself, and personally supervises or checks out every installation of his crews in the Greater New Orleans area.


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